About us


EXPLOMET is a Polish company specializes in explosive cladding technology, being since 1990. The highly qualified and experienced staff of engineers and specialists oversees production and quality. We also have a professional research and development facilities, allowing development works, in the field of metallic composites and their applications. Technological experience related to the issue of explosive cladding, related to the professional activity of the co-owners, dates back to the early 1980s. We invite you to cooperation.

Zygmunt Szulc

Aleksander Gałka


EXPLOMET was established as an independent, private company in 1990 and focuses its activities on the use and development of explosive metalworking technology. We are the only manufacturer in Poland with a stable position in this market, using the mentioned technology on an industrial scale. We work with many research centers constantly expanding the range of offered services and products.


The company is located in an industrial area in Opole, which ensures excellent cooperation. We offer products fully finished, in a delivery condition consistent with the clients’ requirements. The produced cladded elements are subjected to such technological operations as: heat treatment, straightening on rollers or presses, rolling, forming of heads, welding, surface treatment by sandblasting, turning, grinding, polishing. The quality acceptance of cladded elements is made in accordance with internationally accepted standards applicable to cladded materials and additional requirements set by clients. We have our own building with the necessary technical facilities. We have a large training ground for blasting operations, enabling the use of sufficiently large unit explosives. We operate in the METALCHEM Industrial Park, in which many companies – our cooperation partners, offer additional services allowing for further processing of clad materials. The company’s location enables the transport of clad elements by land – the A4 motorway is nearby, or by water to the port of Szczecin. At a distance of 300 m from the company’s headquarters, there is a port on the Odra River, where it is possible to load unit loads up to 400 tons.


In the interests of the highest quality standards of our products, we have introduced quality controls at every stage of the production process.
We have implemented an ISO quality system according to PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015.
Explomet is an approved manufacturer based on Directive 2014/68 / EU and according to the provisions of AD 2000-Merkblatt W0-W8.



The Explomet company is a laureate of many national and international awards related to both its products and business strategy as well as quality supervision.


  • We fulfil orders from the domestic and mostly from foreign markets, including acting through a network of agents representing us – these are our sales partners.
  • Since the beginning of its activity, EXPLOMET has been focusing on cooperation with solid and reliable material suppliers offering the highest quality, good and kept delivery times and, if possible, good prices.
  • The location of the company in the METALCHEM Industrial Park ensures excellent cooperation with companies from the Park area, providing a complex of cooperative services enabling full processing of the cladded materials by associated technologies (heat treatment, straightening, sandblasting), until the final product is made (tubesheets, heads, shells and other elements) – these are our industrial national partners.
  • We also cooperate with a number of foreign companies from the Czech, Italian and German markets, thanks to which we can offer fully ready products in the form of finished, cladded elements (tubesheets, heads of vessels, other elements) – these are our foreign industrial partners.
    • We cooperate with a number of scientific, research and development, and scientific and educational institutions from Poland and abroad. We cooperate with them within the frame of various types of implemented projects of a research and R&D nature, both external and our own – these are our scientific partners.
  • We cooperate with local government agencies, e.g. the Opole Center for Economic Development (OCRG), as well as with institutions from the business surrounding, such as the Opole Chamber of Commerce, of which we are a member, the Opole Science and Technology Park, or the Polish Welding Society. We are a founding member of the METALCHEM Industrial Park. We cooperate in projects of an educational and developmental nature with Collegium Nobilium Opoliense and with OCRG, as well as of course with various universities.